Client Support

SOLTRACK has a dedicated team of bureau consultants that provide round-the-clock, personal and professional client service. Your consultant is equipped to offer you, and your business, tailor-made tracking and monitoring solutions that meet your management objectives.

From client liaison, to data analysis and reporting, to front-end quality control, our team is committed to providing up-to-the-minute client engagement, ensuring client satisfaction.

The Soltrack Vehicle Bureau is equipped with a fully operational, 24/7 control room support infrastructure: SKY Eyes. Lighting up the screens with the latest in vehicle tracking technology, our clients are assured of the most advanced track-n-trace operations. With a dedicated troop of monitoring personnel, SKY Eyes is a designated eyes-on-screen operation, leaving no room for error.

Support via Teamviewer

We use TeamViewer to provide you with a high level of support and answer your questions faster. To discuss your support options, please contact your Soltrack consultant.