Fleet Management

Your fleet is an essential resource for your company. Our advanced fleet management system helps you get the most out of each vehicle by lowering costs over time, reducing management overhead and optimizing work hours.

Soltrack considers fleet management a strategic business activity and allocates considerable resources to remain at the field’s technological forefront. Our solutions provide you with superior management capabilities:

  • Locate a vehicle anywhere in South Africa, at high resolution and with real-time updates, utilising military spec technology, with the latest google enterprise mapping, with integrated street view.
  • Continuous data communications with vehicles via cellular-based GPRS.
  • Android and IOS APP for basic tracking and real time driver behaviour management and driver scoring. Within APP driver calling functionality.
  • Real-time vehicle status indicators: speed, distance driven, direction of travel, driver name, motion start /stop, engine start/stop and customised status. Other alerts include stopped with engine running, speeding, entry / exit from geofence area, driver behaviour and more.
  • Fast business intelligence reports: See the bottom line as it relates to different aspects of vehicle and driver activity.
  • Receive diagnostic data (CANBUS) from vehicle computer via FMS connection and display in business intelligence reports, with flexible ability to create alerts.
  • Complementary data, such as temperature control in refrigerated or chilled compartments, time stamp and real time monitoring.
  • Easy and simple operation via an advanced system that gives you superior abilities and greater opportunities through our fast, intuitive interface with 3rd party products.
  • Fully customizable status and rules linked to email, sms or popup alerts.
  • Accident reconstruction interface with 3-axis accelerometer for accident analysis.

In parallel to our continuing investment in R&D, we provide you with dependable personalized service that meets all your requirements. An important element is our Web platform, which merges all the activities, services and support you need for superior fleet management.

All this translates to financial savings and greater efficiencies in managing, operating and maintaining your vehicle fleet.

We anticipate maintaining direct contact with you and working to provide a complete answer to your needs.