Skylink Product & Services

Knowing Skylink is trusting Skylink

Trust plays an integral role in fleet and vehicle management. Since 2001, the Soltrack Vehicle Bureau has delivered years of successful point-to-point driver surveillance, vehicle tracking and recovery excellence to Southern Africa. Our 24-hour attention is your lifetime solution to fast, reliable and cost-effective vehicle|driver management.

At Soltrack, we appreciate the high-cost reality in the day-to-day running of commercial fleets. As your trusted vehicle bureau partner, it is our duty to assist your team in reducing the high risk factors that come with road travel. Fitting the Soltrack unit will ultimately resolve vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption overheads, ensuring that your Return on Investment remains our primary priority.

Skylink Product & Services

In our game, no day is ever the same. This is why all of the Skylink products and services are engineered to succeed in a rapidly changing technological environment. With GPS/GPRS capability our internet based software offers all the bells and whistles of the industry, including responsive design that translates to smartphone application formats.

The Skylink Family™ product line is a unique and extensive range of monitoring systems that are intrinsically designed to suit our clients’ individual needs:

Each product may be purchased in package or as separate add-on features.

SKYLIGHT(Main service) - Introducing the head of the Skylink Family™

SKYLIGHT units are state of the art devices that are necessary for the headlining function of all monitoring and tracking services. These units are designed to deliver optimum results in data transmission and safety, ensuring peak quality checks and controls of fleets.

Features & Benefits:

  • Track-n-trace management
  • Fleet management
  • Satellite positioning (GPS / GPRS)
  • 24/7 recovery and alert support
  • Geo-Fence management and Alert
  • Vehicle alarm system
  • Regular updates
  • Help Desk assistance
  • Lifetime data storage
  • Roaming capabilities