Fleet Management Services

At Soltrack, we offer far more benefits than simple GPS tracking and vehicle recovery.

Our innovative services include fully-fledged customisable smart fleet solutions for every industry, full management and BI (business intelligence) reports as well as many additional services that will ensure your fleet security, higher profitability and efficiencies for your company.

Get higher productivity levels from your mobile assets and workforce today!

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Fleet Consultant

A consultant will be assigned to the Client for the duration of the contract.

The consultant maintains continuity; understands the clients’ operations and their unique requirements. The consultant’s duties consist of:

  • Setting up the database.
  • Assign user names and rolls to specific operators.
  • Geo-fencing points of interest.
  • Software Training.
  • Set up reports – Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
  • Analyse reports and highlight problems.
  • Set up control room procedures.
  • Weekly status checks on vehicles.
  • Accident analysis plus reports.
  • Consult with the operations manager.
  • Escalate if reports are not being adhered to.
  • Help with security investigations.

After Hour Maintenance 

All maintenance is included in the pricing during working hours unless the option is to do maintenance and installations on weekends and after hours. We use our own in house technicians for security reasons. Our technicians are based in Johannesburg and Durban. We do have strategic partners in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Help Desk

Their function is to:
  • Check status in consultation with Fleet consultant.
  • Schedule maintenance – new installations – de-installations.
  • Ensure 24-48hour turnaround time for maintenance provided the vehicles are made available.
  • Submit reports on request.

Control Room and Recovery

We have a 24/7 manned control room that is run as a joint venture between Rentrak and Soltrack.

This strategic partnership has been hugely successful as we have been able to combine our resources with Soltrack providing the expertise in Fleet Management and Rentrak applying their skills within the Security and Recoveries environment.

Rentrak have a national footprint throughout South Africa as well as having strong relationships with the police air wing, flying squad and border control. They are responsible for recoveries for Matrix (Mix Telematics),Netstar, Soltrack, BidTrack to name a few. 

Helicopter recovery available as required.

Controlled Routing

Maintain ultimate control by easily setting up routes for your vehicles with our optional plugin. This will allow you to be informed of route deviations and ensure that your cargo stays on the most efficient route and on time. The software features include; late departures, ETAs, and unscheduled stops. Controlled routing is proven to reduce wastage in operating costs and ensures that drivers are sticking to their duties.

GPS Fleet Management

With our industry-leading telematics devices, you will always know exactly where your vehicles are located and have access to the historical logs of their driving activities.

Reduce Your Labour Costs

By using our system, you will be able to plan out efficient routes, getting the most out of your vehicles and drivers, maximising your labour costs.

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

Our telematics reports will help you to monitor and correct your drivers, giving you analysis on their bad driving habits like excessive idling, speeding, and travel route inefficiencies.

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Client Testimonials

We as SG Mobility are of the view that Soltrack embraces a customer-centric approach to our service interactions. From a technical support perspective, Soltrack has agile and flexible call out lead times, and further to this the customer support is excellent from both Ivanti Marais and Didi Stead. Soltrack have from the outset been willing to engage in working through world-class customised solutions to the benefit of the safekeeping of SG Mobility assets and personnel. SG Mobility enjoys a robust partnership with Soltrack, and is appreciative of the value which they add.

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