Personal/Family Tracking

SKYLINK ™ LIGHT is your peace-of-mind vehicle surveillance solution for the home or small fleet business. With built-in accident alerts and live location updates every 6 seconds, drivers are accurately located 24/7, from its fully comprehensive user-friendly web-based software.

Features & Benefits:

Real-time location
Live updates
Accident alerts
Driver impact alerts
Accident reconstruction
Mobile app
Full reporting structure
Driver behavior surveillance
Customised events
Geofencing on maps
Static route monitoring
Travel logbook



SKYLINK™ advanced driver systems by Soltrack is your trusted accident warning, vehicle tracking, and driver behavior management solution, developed for small to large fleets. With advanced built-in driver alert systems, the SKYLINK™ smartphone app makes real-time vehicle location and surveillance user friendly and immediate; leaving no room for error. With SKYLINK™ your business is assured cutting edge accuracy and 24/7 efficiency on the road, with cost savings on fleet maintenance, fuel consumption, insurance premiums, and driver negligence.

Control Room and Recovery

We have a 24/7 manned control room that is run as a joint venture between Rentrak and Soltrack.

This strategic partnership has been hugely successful as we have been able to combine our resources with Soltrack providing the expertise in Fleet Management and Rentrak applying their skills within the Security and Recoveries environment.

Rentrak have a national footprint throughout South Africa as well as having strong relationships with the police air wing, flying squad and border control. They are responsible for recoveries for Matrix (Mix Telematics),Netstar, Soltrack, BidTrack to name a few. 

Helicopter recovery available as required.

All-in-One Security & Protection for You and Your Family

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