Fleet Management Products

SKYLINK ™ PRO units are high-alert devices that are necessary for the headlining function of all monitoring and tracking services. These units are designed to deliver optimum results in data transmission and safety, ensuring peak quality checks and controls of fleets

Features & Benefits:

Live Updates
Lifetime data reports
Specialised custom alerts
Mobile app
Accident analysis
Control Room Monitoring
Satellite Positioning (GPS/ GPRS)
Emergency Services

4 input/output points for additional services. IE:
Panic buttons
Door switches
PTO connections
Any additional points to be monitored
Access to driver I.D
Access to Movon integration
Access to CanBus integration

SKYLINK ™ SCOUT is your peace-of-mind vehicle surveillance solution for the home or small fleet business. With built in accident alerts, rerouting alerts and live location updates every 6 seconds, drivers are accurately located 24/7, from its fully comprehensive user-friendly web based software.

Features & Benefits:

Real-time location
Live updates
Accident alerts
Driver impact alerts
Accident reconstruction
Mobile app
Full reporting structure
Driver behavior surveillance
Customised event
Geofencing on maps
Static route monitoring
Travel logbook

SKYLINK ™ ASSET TRACKING, a product developed for the mining industry/for tracking the movement of high value cargo.  The Asset Tracking user benefits from the same alerts and reports features, as the unit operates off the same platform as all Skylink products do.  It monitors valuable assets in transit and boasts a GPS accuracy within 5 meters.

Features & Benefits:

Live Updates
Lifetime data reports
Specialised custom alerts
Mobile app
Accident analysis
Control Room Monitoring
Satellite Positioning (GPS/ GPRS)
Emergency Services
Casing supplied with Magnets to attach to the underside of trailer chassis.



SKYLINK™ advanced driver systems by Soltrack is your trusted accident warning, vehicle tracking, and driver behavior management solution, developed for small to large fleets. With advanced built-in driver alert systems, the SKYLINK™ smartphone app makes real-time vehicle location and surveillance user friendly and immediate; leaving no room for error. With SKYLINK™ your business is assured cutting edge accuracy and 24/7 efficiency on the road, with cost savings on fleet maintenance, fuel consumption, insurance premiums, and driver negligence.

Fuel Probes 

Don’t let Fuel Theft
run your business dry!

Annual fuel theft can set your fleet business back exponentially year on year. Soltrack’s Fuel Probe units provide instant live updates that flag dips and rises in the fuel tank. Manage your fuel costings, route and driver behaviour effectively with Soltrack’s fuel probe. Tanks are calibrated to within 1% accuracy and fuel is monitored in real-time.

Fuel Probe Features:


Monitors fuel consumption


Monitors average usage of dual tank & tank level

Produces fuel graph with pre-set targets

Integrated into Google maps for accurate positions of fuel fill ups or theft

Driver ID

Who? What? When and How? are the common realities of driver management damage control. Obtaining the right answers to these questions is the biggest industry challenge for most Fleet Managers.

With SKY ID, drivers are tagged individually, regardless of the size of the fleet, making an honest return out of driving performance and accident claims. With SKY ID, you are guaranteed the right answers at the right time.

Temperature Monitoring 

Protect your goods while minimizing cooling costs with Ituran’s solution for temperature storage-room monitoring.

The system externally measures, controls and optimizes temperature levels in closed spaces, independent of the installed cooling system. Data collected via sensors is analyzed to optimize cooling levels during the day; if temperature deviation occurs, real-time alerts via text message or e-mail allow immediate response before goods are damaged.

The solution is ideal for the pharma and F&B categories where goods are extremely sensitive to storage conditions, and is excellent for a variety of storage facilities including rooms, refrigerators, mobile refrigerating and computer rooms.


Accuracy of up to a Tenth of a Celsius Degree

User-Friendly Monitoring

Management Application via Interface


Sends Alerts via Text or E-mail

Data Collected & Available via Comprehensive Reports


 A comprehensive fleet maintenance software/solution encompassing automated maintenance management, job-card production, report management, spare-part pricing control, fuel management, fine management, accident management, tyre management, and driver management. These features work together to streamline fleet maintenance operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall fleet performance.

Skyfleetcare Features:


Automated maintenance management


Job-card production for internal fleet vehicle workshops

Report management

Spare-part pricing control

Controlled Routing

Maintain ultimate control by easily setting up routes for your vehicles with our optional plugin. This will allow you to be informed of route deviations and ensure that your cargo stays on the most efficient route and on time. The software features include; late departures, ETAs, and unscheduled stops. Controlled routing is proven to reduce wastage in operating costs and ensures that drivers are sticking to their duties.

Cross Border Tracking

Soltrack gives you the option for satellite tracking and/or GSM roaming into
neighboring countries. Our system supports travel to neighboring countries, so you never have to worry when crossing borders.

Live Camera

When you’re not looking, we’re still watching. Our live camera records and live streams from various angles of your vehicle. From the comfort of your home, the office or even on-the-go, Soltrack’s live camera feature means you are always in-the-know and always in control of your vehicle and driver safety. This live camera product is either integrated into the Soltrack software platform or is offered as a standalone.

Trailer Tracking/Wireless Back-Up Tracking


Soltrack Wireless trailer tracking (asset) was developed mainly for the mining industry and runs off the same platform as all Skylink’s products. This enables the user to experience the same features for all the alerts and reports.
The battery life is approximately 12 months depending on the configuration and runs independently from the vehicle or trailer power source.
GPS accuracy to within 5 meters and updates every 10 minutes making this a very useful and attractive product for monitoring high value cargo as well as keeping tabs on vehicle movement and scheduling service intervals.

PTT Radios

Our PTT Radios and accessories have a wide range of applications across multiple industry sectors.

Every 4.6 seconds a driver is distracted

Movon ADAS protects drivers, reduces accidents & improves performance with the use of its integrated FMS via RS-323 and CANBUS. Additionally, its advanced sensor technology can be fitted into any passenger or commercial vehicle to monitor driver behaviour that may pose a threat.

In just 2.7 seconds a Movon warning could save a life

Pedestrian Collision Warning
Digital HD Video Recorder
Forward Collision Warning
Lane Departure Warning
Front Vehicle Start Alarm
Froward Proximity Warning

GPS Fleet Management

With our industry-leading telematics devices, you will always know exactly where your vehicles are located and have access to the historical logs of their driving activities.

Reduce Your Labour Costs

By using our system, you will be able to plan out efficient routes, getting the most out of your vehicles and drivers, maximising your labour costs.

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

Our telematics reports will help you to monitor and correct your drivers, giving you analysis on their bad driving habits like excessive idling, speeding, and travel route inefficiencies.

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